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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Full Time Joker - Fill the Void by Tempesta

Right after playing the first song "Full Time Joker" I was hooked. Opening with powerful cords it promises everything that a good hard rock song should have: a gripping tune, a refrain to headbang to and the power to keep it going for a long time. The second track "Stagedive" then came almost as a surprise the melodic opening stood somewhat in contrast to what I heard before, but the other elements soon make a reappearance, crafting another excellent song. And so it goes on throughout the album, no song is alike the one that came before making this an excellently balanced and in a way complete album.
Even though their style can be mainly attributed to traditional Hard Rock there are many other influences apparent under the surface ranging from Metal to Country and Blues. The later too styles got their platform in the last song "Bluesman" and even though I'm no longer a fan of Country music it is still pleasant to listen to.
Oh yeah, and did I mention the best thing? They're Swiss!

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