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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

D-War Shoot em' up

In Boulder Colorado I stumbled upon a cinema multiplex. I was intrigued and since there were non other plans at hand I did go to watch a movie...

Shoot em' up
This is one of the bloodiest action movies I have seen recently (the top spot is till held by Planet Terror). Nevertheless, it manages to convey the story of a lone-gunman who finds defending a baby against an apparently endless supply of foes. The action sequences are fantastic and the shooting scenes are just breathtaking (and sometimes a bit over the top). So all in all it was a good "popcorn-movie".
Rating: 6.5/10

I ended up at the cinema again the next evening and the poster of Dragon Wars (D-War) caught my eye, so I saw that movie as well...
The premise is very interesting. D-War is a Korean production (director, producer and production company are all Korean) but the movie is set in the US and most of the cast are Americans.
The story is based on an ancient Korean legend where two snake battle each other to find Yeouijoo to get into heaven.
The action scenes are pretty good, but after seeing Oldboy and The Host I was expecting more depth to the story than D-War had to show for. All in all it was just another action movie with some interesting scenes (a huge snake climbing up a high-rise and an army of fire-breathing dragons (?) battling helicopters) and not much more.
Rating: 5/10

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