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Friday, September 07, 2007

Military Service and Vacation!

For the last three weeks I stood in the services of Switzerland. Yep, we still have mandatory military service consisting of a 15-week boot camp and a yearly 3-week repetition course. I just finished the later one and am immensely happy that it's all over. Fortunately I got lucky just at the beginning and grabbed a place in the Inner Service, there I was responsible to help the kitchen crew (doing the washing up among others) and cleaning the sleeping rooms. The kitchen was a blast, great folks always up for a joke. However, sleep was a rare thing and with the bad weather front we had, I caught a bad cold just before the end...
Anyways, next up is my long-awaited trip to the US. I'll fly to Chicago tomorrow and will stay there till Sunday next, then I'll continue to Denver and stay four days in Colorado. My last stop is New York City.
PS: Sorry for any errors in this post, but I'm tired to death, I had to get up at 4.30am the last two days...

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