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Monday, August 13, 2007

Mittelalterlich Spectaculum in Singen

There could hardly be a better way to flee from the Street Parade than to immerse oneself into Medieval times :).

Even though the weather forecast was a bit unclear we made our way to Germany. The Mittelalterlich Spectaculum a medieval event which is touring throughout Germany made a stop in Singen. The stalls at the medieval market were as always well worth a visit, and there were even some that I hadn't seen at a Spectaculum before.

One of my personal highlights was meeting so many people from the Middle Earth Festival. I didn't count, but there were surely more than twenty people and Meri even brought a flag along so that we could easily spot the meeting point :).

Another highlight was the Fangdorn Dragon Saga. However, to be completely honest, the dragon was grand, but the rest was borderline. I've seen way better sword fighting as well as better acting. But the ten meter long fire breathing dragon was a sight to behold and remember for a long time :).

As always and important part of the Spectaculum was the music. This time Rapalje and Saltatio Mortis had the honor to perform as main acts. Rapalje is a celtic folk band from the Netherlands, who played a wide array of songs, to many of which we could dance :). Before and during the big Dream Spectacle Pill and Pankratz also had a short show block. Their comedic songs were very funny, especially the disagreements they had about the song texts. The rest of the Dream Spectacle revealed nothing new, though and so it was almost my personal low-light of the day. Saltatio Mortis on the other hand is a regular guest at the Spectaculum and their night concert drew a lot of people who enthusiastically sang and danced along. Their gig was scheduled from 11pm till midnight, but they ended up playing more than 90 minutes!

We had a great day, even though we got wet from time to time, the sun was always nice enough to make a comeback.

My pictures from this event :)

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