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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Summer in the City with Elfish

The idea was great: To host an open-air concert on a nice summer evening in a park in the middle of the city. Unfortunately, Saint Peter had no ear for the music and let it rain throughout the day. So it was a rather wet affair when Petite Machine took to the stage. Despite the rain there were about 100 spectators present and most took refuge under an umbrella, which kept one dry, but blocked the view to the stage for the rest...

Anyways, Petite Machine played a solid half-hour gig and there were even some who asked for an encore. Their music is best described with the term Indiepop, easy and nice to listen to, but most of the times it didn't blow me off my feet ;).

Then it was time for Elfish, the main act of the evening. They played a very enthusiastic concert and I had to control myself not to dance too vigorously (because I was standing on a bench under a tree *g*). What moved me the most were the sometimes mystical undertones of the songs and of course Nora's powerful voice. Elfish even made me forget that it was raining :). This time the calls for an encore were louder and they were answered. The gig ended after an hour and I happily bought one of the limited T-Shirts *g*. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Elfish in concert another time.


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