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Friday, August 03, 2007


After the hype it received from my friends I just had to go and see it for myself :). I'm not too familiar with the Transformers story so I'm just gonna rate it on it's value as a movie. What's obvious from the very start of the movie are the brilliant special effects. The Transformers blend perfectly in their environment and their movements are extremely detailed. Fortunately this is not the only strength of the movie. There are also many funny scenes, most of them revolving around Sam Witwicky.

All in all a very entertaining movie :)

Rating: 9/10

I have to add a comment about the cinema Metropol. Even though it has the coolest screen (it is extremely wide), the seats are probably the most uncomfortable in town. It's just painful sitting through a movie longer than 90 minutes and with 144 minutes Transformers was rather on the longer side... Let's hope that they recognize the error of their ways and renovate soon.


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