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Friday, July 13, 2007

Middle Earth Festival (MEF) 7: Day 3

After a refreshing swim and another great breakfast we were ready to face the last day of this year's MEF. My two workshops were again devoted to dancing, leading to a total of about 11 hours dancing during the three days :).

It's worth mentioning that today was again fantastic weather and temperatures rose up to 30 degrees centigrade. So most people were desperately looking for a place in the shade. Thus I was quite happy to go into the Knight's Chamber to participate in the Medieval Sewing workshop. The introduction was very practical and interesting and we soon could start with our own work, so I decided to make a "Bundhaube" a kind of medieval protection worn instead of a hat to keep the hair clean. As of today it is still a work in progress, but it was good to get some guidance to start :).

Soon afterwards the long awaited Knight's banquet started. All visitors assembled in the inner ward and awaited with suspense what would be up for dinner.

Between courses the different artists looked after our entertainment. Especially memorable were the Falconers, who brought two falcons an eagle and an eagle owl along and Forzarello ("Ouuuuiiiiii").

The main act of the evening was Omnia a Pagan Folk Band from the Netherlands. Their music was very atmospheric and I liked it a lot. However, they tended to talk an awful lot, it was in English, so no problem for me, but I could see people who were distracted by it. And for the last evening I would have wished for a band with more mass appeal such as An Lár. Anyways it was a good show and we had our fun :).

Then came the most touching event of the day, a fireworks display synchronized to the music of Lord of the Rings. It was way too beautiful to describe it with mere words...

The final point of the evening belonged to the Phoenix Fireproject and to Forzarello who performed another stunning fireshow.

And then it was slowly time to say goodbye to many good friends, even though we partied till the last bus left at 4.30pm it was over way too soon.

This MEF will stay in my memories for ever, it was a perfect event and I had enormous fun :) and if we're lucky the myth will one day be continued.

On Sunday we saw that Petrus indeed was a fan of the MEF, because now that it was over, it started to rain again...

All the pictures of the last day.

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