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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Middle Earth Festival (MEF) 7: Day 2

Staying in Leukerbad in a four-star hotel had several advantages: First the comfortable beds, second the swimming before breakfast (there's nothing better to revive the tired limbs) and then of course the huge and excellent breakfast itself :). The only disadvantage was the overcrowded bus we had to take to get back to Leuk...

Having had so much fun dancing the day before I went straight to the next dance workshop :).

Returning to the castle I received the biggest surprise of the day. Thyrion approached and told me: "Scrappy, you are nominated for the costume competition." I didn't know what to say! So I ended up on stage together with a Nazgul, two riders from Rohan, two towers from Gondor the biggest dwarf in Middle Earth and Kankra (well, she waited in front of the stage). I didn't rank in the top three, but just being part of this was honor enough for me :).

The waiting time till the next workshop was shortened by an impromptu gig by Des Königs Halunken, a Swiss Medieval Folk band.

You can probably guess what I did next. Correct, I went to the next dance workshop *g*.

This evenings activities started with a big show block where most of the artist gave a small sample of their trade. Thus we could hear songs from Duivelspack and Romolus, witness a stunning performance by Phoenix Fireproject and laugh ourselves silly because of Forzarello (two amazing Jugglers).

The main event this evening was not a concert per se but a Dance Event led by Knud Seckel and accompanied by the Tom Bombadil Folkband. At the beginning there were so many people participating in the dances that there was barely enough place. Dancing the Polka was especially tricky, trying to avoid colliding with other couples dashing over the dance floor :). Still it was great fun and stopped way too early.

Last but not least were two stunning fire shows which brought another fantastic day to a breath-taking close.

All the pictures of this day.

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