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Monday, June 11, 2007


Last Saturday was the big event, I took the TOEFL ;). It could hardly have been more different to the GRE. First, it was in Z├╝rich, that is to say close to my home. Second, registration started as announced 30 minutes before the test time. Third, there were about 40 people taking the test at the same time...
To the test. The first block was dedicated to Reading Comprehension. We had to read three texts and answer several questions. The texts were quite technical from various fields and even though some of the questions were a bit challenging, compared to the GRE Analytical it was a breeze. Next was Listening Comprehension. We listened to 9 lectures and discussions, answering questions about the main points as well as some details of the texts. For me this wasn't too tough either.
After a ten minute break, the TOEFL continued with the Speaking part. Basically this wouldn't have been too difficult either; we had to talk about general topics, summarize discussions, as well as combine information from texts and spoken dialog. The challenging bit was that there was only 15 seconds to prepare for 30 seconds speech and that several students were speaking at the same time (the answers being recorded by the computer). Several times I got distracted by other students and almost lost the thread of my argument.
Finally we had to write two short essays, first about a general topic and then summarizing a text and a lecture. The hardest part there was writing concise texts and not to get lost in long sentences.
Now it's time for the waiting game ;). The results are due in 15 business days.

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  • Good luck on your score. Were you irritated about the difference in navigation in the listening part? (ok and confirm, unlike the reading section)




    By Blogger Grendel, at 10:32 AM  

  • Thanks! Not really, only for the first two seconds ;) This kind of navigation was very similar to the one in the GRE, so I was already used to clicking twice before my answer was recorded.

    By Blogger David, at 11:13 AM  

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