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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Labia @ Sleepless in Bremgarten

Yesterdays Labia concert happened on a special occasion. Bassist Armando celebrated his 25th birthday and so he received his birthday cake on stage! But back to the beginning. The gig happened at the Sleepless Party in Bremgarten. The location was hard to find by car, because all of central Bremgarten is car-free and so I had to drive a big detour.

The Reussbrücke Saal which hosted the party is actually gymnasium. This led to a feeling of a big school ball, this was enforced by the music the DJ played (oldies, rock, party tunes). The advantage of the big location was the huge stage that was available for the bands, on the other hand there was lots of empty space to fill. And the about 100 people present still left a feeling of a lot of potential for more. Rapertoir Rüsstal were the opening act. That's about all I'm going to say about that, except that Rap just isn't my favorite kind of tea...
Then finally Labia took the stage. And they performed a breathtaking show, full of energy and enthusiasm that well deserved to be captured on DVD. Which, if everything goes according to plan, will happen. It's a pity though, that not more people were present to enliven the atmosphere. Even though a the people were enjoying the gig, the cheering was almost lost in the big hall...
Last to play were Metal on the Rocks, a metal/hard-rock band from the canton of Aargau, which deserve a special mention because of their use of a cello. Unfortunately the cello was at times lost in their energetic music.

The drive back was quite interesting as well, I spotted two foxes and one marten on respectively next to the road.

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