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Monday, April 16, 2007

Andreas Thiel, Les Papillons & Labia

My Saturday evening started with something a bit more political: We went to the Theater am Hechtplatz in Z├╝rich to view Politsatire 2 the new program of Andreas Thiel with Les Papillons as "Supporting Act". Thiel built his program on the success factors of the past: again he was on stage with a continuously refilling glass of champagne, again he had fun playing with the light (entering onto a pitch-dark stage, asking for house light to see the audience) and again his jokes were very sophisticated and not politically correct at all. But these are the reasons why I did go to see his show and I had a blast :). Les Papillons, actually the main act of the evening, Thiel was only making the announcements between their pieces, played a more dramatic and earnest set, giving their funnier arrangements a miss for once. They even managed to play an extremely political piece questioning America's foreign policy (as a reminder: Les Papillons are a violinist and a pianist and they play arrangements of existing compositions)! To sum up: it was a full success. The audience clapped so insistently that Thiel gave one of the famous Don Serapio sketches as an encore.

But the evening didn't end there! After a short reprieve at the lake, the weather is just fantastic!, I went to the next gig. A concert by Labia in the occupied house, formerly known as Juventus school. For an occupied house the party rooms were pretty decent. There was a bar with cheap drinks, a couple of sofas to hang around and enough electricity for the music. The atmosphere reminded me of a band room. Only the drum kit was on a small stage. Everything else was on the same floor as the audience and thus it was possible to dance between the band :). The quality of the concert was pretty bad, first off the sound equipment wasn't too good, then there was no mixer present and so Fernando had to change the settings between the songs himself. As if this wasn't bad enough, Fernando's hair got caught in Ari's guitar after the second song, leaving the guitar out of tune. Ari tried to do his best with tuning the guitar, but it was hard with so much background noise. Despite all these difficulties Labia managed to complete their set and entertain the audience, which gladly danced away. There wasn't such a big moshpit as in Winterthur but at least there was some action. What I liked most during this concert was the atmosphere. Being so close to (even between the band at times) was very special.

And thus this evening will remain in my memories for a while :).

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