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Sunday, April 08, 2007

An (almost) perfect Saturday

Yesterday was one of those days that are almost perfect and great fun to experience.

First up was a board-game / karaoke afternoon at Melissa's place. There I've learned a couple of useful things during karaoke, besides the fact that I can't sing, but I already knew that before. 1. Don't try to sing a song from Papa Roach if you don't know the Rap-parts by heart. 2. Breaking the Habit on the other hand did work, if you ignore the fact that I almost lost my voice trying to get up high enough *g*. 3. Do sing classic pop songs such as "Always look at the bright side of Life" (from Life of Brian) and "Chim Chimeree" (from Marry Poppins), because they're just terrific fun :)

But it didn't end there. The evening continued in Lucerne. There I attended a concert by Anxiety, Mole and (did you guess already?) Labia. The Kulturzentrum Boa couldn't have been a bigger contrast to their last gig in Erstfeld. The room was tiny, as was the stage. However there were enough people to fill the room and they were intent on having a good time and were supporting the bands avidly. To the bands. First up was Anxiety from Langenthal. They describe themselves as Death Rock and, to be frank, for me it was too much Death and not enough Rock ;). Anyways they did a good job and the crowd was pleased. Next up was Labia, who played another fantastic hardcore set. To my great delight I wasn't the only guy in front of the stage head banging, that's quite a change to the last two gigs. So it is fair to say, that this was one of their best shows recently, they played very powerful and accurate. In addition they managed to transfer their energy and enthusiasm to the audience who gladly accepted and had a great time. Last to play were Mole from Basel. They presented a technically top notch performance and convinced me to buy their latest EP to appreciate their music more regularly :).

But the night didn't end there either. Next was a visit to the Abart. There the Masters of Rock party was just slowing down, by the time I arrived. It was 3am after all. Still the songs the dj's played were very cool and a couple of my favorites were among them. In addition I had time to chat with a couple of friends I haven't seen in a while.

And that's all folks. I got home extremely tired but very happy :).

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