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Sunday, February 25, 2007

LARP: A house full of heroes

The setting for this fantasy LARP was the Tavern to the Rusty Storm Lantern. There various people met on their ways from here to there ;). However, dark things happened, that brought everyone closer together.
This was the first LARP where I played an NPC (Non-Player Character). As an NPC I received several roles and briefing from the Organizers.
First I was a member of the Cult of the Black Glove. A group of ordinary citizens who practice strange rituals and try to resurrect people from the dead (at least they'd like to, it hasn't worked so far).
The local cemetery was the location for tonight's ritual which, to everyone's surprise, worked. Unfortunately, the person raised from the dead wasn't our friend Petermann, but an evil necromancer. She quickly attacked, killing most members of the cult and turning them into zombies.
During the evening and the next day, the zombies attacked the tavern, whilst the heroes tried to piece together a treasure map and find the treasure, which according to rumors contained a mighty weapon which would defeat the undead hordes.
At long last the treasure was retrieved. To everyone's dismay, it only consisted of different trinkets of varying value. One of the pieces turned out to be a magic lamp, which the merchant from Tikon successfully activated, summoning a Djin (played by me) who gave him three powerful items: A green glass ball of infinite wisdom, a nail of sturdiness and a rope of eternal hope. The merchant wasn't happy though, and after some haggling traded these items back for the Mighty Scimitar of Demon-Slaying. With this weapon the Merchant from Tikon successfully defeated the evil necromancer and her zombies, thus saving the evening.

I had great fun, even though I was always changing costumes as well as applying and removing makeup to play the different roles.

Pictures can be found at the usual location ;).

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  • It really was very funny, even if you count all the dying and torture we had to experience :D

    The librarian of the "Cult Of The Sinister Sunflower" aka Schaagi Lumberjackapprentice

    By Anonymous Der Schotte, at 4:06 PM  

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