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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Les Papillons CD christening

Last Friday at the Palazzo in Liestal the time finally arrived, that Les Papillons revealed their first album to the public. Les Papillons, consisting of Giovanni Reber on the violin and Michael Giertz on the piano, play a style of music that's hard to describe, they join pieces of classical, jazz and rock songs to an elegant and fascinating arrangement.

But back to last Friday. To honor the event Les Papillons invited their friends Andreas Thiel, Jean-Claude Sassine and Anette Corti to create an unforgettable evening. The pieces played by Les Papillons were as always forceful, captivating and very interesting. Andreas Thiel and Jean-Claude Sassine played the brilliant Don Serapio sketches as well as the Lavendeltreppe. Anette Corti played the manager of Les Papillons as well as a very shy intern.

I laughed so hard that my face muscles started to ache :). I'm looking forward to seeing Les Papillons, as well as the other guests, again in the future.


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