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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Labia: 25

It may seem hard to belief, but I visited my 25th Labia concert yesterday :). Well actually it was only a very short show, taking place at the Swiss Metal Battle in the club Transilvania in Erstfeld. Two of the five participating bands could win a ticket for the Swiss Final in the Salzhaus in Winterthur.

First to the club itself: It is an extremely cool location, well decorated with lots of space. This turned out to be a drawback, however, because there weren't enough people around to fill the empty places...

Labia's gig was great, they played a very powerful and hard-core set consisting of three new(er) Songs as well as the old favorite Shiva. Looked at from a technical aspect, Labia was far superior to most of the other contestants. Unfortunately, the jury was looking for a strait metal band and they didn't appreciate Labia's more melodious side. So two other bands made the cut. To be fair, SAC played a very solid, if a bit monotonous set. On the other hand I can't quite agree with the nomination of the second band, of course I'm biased, but even when they were playing I couldn't get the hang of their drummer, whose base drum seemed quite out of synch with the rest of the band at times.

Anyways, this event just goes to show again that Labia cannot be pigeonholed into a genre and thus form a league of their own ;).

It being such a special event for me (25 gigs is quite an achievement, I think *g*), we took a picture with the band:

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