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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The magical portal 2: The silver mask

Last weekend was the occasion of the long-awaited sequel to the LARP "The magical portal". During this con I played Rakar Kaîrun, a merchant and a member of the Oriosen. Here a short "in-time" summary of the events.

"I travelled together with Moya our healer. By the time we arrived at the tavern we were slightly worried that Bronwyn and Jaeshra didn't meet us in the arranged place… we just could hope that nothing happened to them. We were surprised by the amount of people present; obviously we weren't the only ones who were asked for help. After an excellent dinner Lady Myria addressed us explaining the problems of the valley. For some time now cattle has been disappearing and she didn't have enough men to look for the root of this.

It didn't take long until we found a possible reason for the disappearances. Lizard like beings approached the house and were mercilessly killed by the mercenaries. Apart from these skirmishes the evening remained calm. Sleep, however, wasn't so easy to come by. Just as Moya and I climbed into bed we received news that other Oriosen had arrived and were badly wounded. It was Bronwyn and Jaeshra. They had been fleeing from the lizards for several days and had been wounded just as they were about to reach safe shelter. Fortunately there were enough healers present and they were soon on the mend.

On Saturday morning we joined forces with Lord Victor and his Sinfathi to search for special elements which could help remove the threat. The first expedition was fruitful and five elements were found. On our return Jae and the Sinfathi assembled the elements and discovered that another two or three were missing. The continuation of the search was hindered by the appearance of an Earth Elemental, followed by a visit from an evil Black Mage, who claimed to own the valley and wanted revenge for his killed friends, the lizards. A shaky truce could be arranged, giving us more time to look for the missing elements.

Throughout the day we were kept busy with locating the last two elements, visits from the Water and Air Elementals, as well as skirmishes with the lizards. Everyone was extremely grateful for the healers; some fighters were constantly commuting between the front line and the sick bay. A ritual protected the house and its inhabitants from the Black Mage and the lizards throughout the night. However, we weren't aware, that the spell vanished as soon as dawn came and so we were abruptly awakened by charging lizards. The seasoned warriors were sleeping with their weapons close at hand and so the attack could be averted with minimal losses.

All morning the lizards kept attacking the house and it took a while until Shakti and I could escape through a window, sneak around the lizards in front of the house and eliminate them from the back. Now we had at least some space to defend ourselves and weren’t confined to the house.

After a while the lizards stopped attacking and we were surprised by a visit of the elves. They brought an altar, which later was used to hold the ritual with the completed elements. We received four stones which could be used either to protect us from evil or to destroy the Black Mage; the priests weren't too sure on that point.

As the tension grew almost unbearable a woman from the town came to us and told us of the evil hordes that had gathered behind the hill and which had taken a hostage. So we marched united to either destroy the evil wizard or die trying.

The final battle was extremely tough. We formed a circle for better protection near the river, but the lizards ceaselessly kept attacking. Seeing that the stones didn't offer protection we chose plan two and the four chosen ones (Jaeshra one of them) charged up to the Mage and enclosed him in a circle. Bronwyn and I were close at hand to protect Jae, but as if we were protected from the gods, no one in this group was harmed. And so we managed to vanquish the Black Mage and free the valley from this menace. The remaining lizards fled through the magical gate, which closed behind them.

And so we returned home in the knowledge of having made new friends and rescued innocent people from a dark threat."

My pictures can be found on my homepage.
More galleries can be found here.

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