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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Subway to Sally: Naked (Acoustic Tour)

For the second time on their Acoustic Tour Subway to Sally made a stop in Zürich. The first time was almost a year ago when they played in the Rohstofflager. Now they were hosted by Palais X-tra. After the fantastic show last year and the incredible Live-CD and DVD there was no question for me. I just had to go! After studying the concert description I had some reserves though. The concert was scheduled to begin at 8.30pm (doors should open at 8pm) and at 10pm a party should start. That would mean only a meager 90 minutes, which is quite short a concert for Subway.

Those worries were however eased once we got into the concert location. There we saw that the start of the party was rescheduled to 11pm. Subway began on time (for a change) and played a furious set which lasted 2 hours and 20 minutes, including three encores. They played almost exactly the same set as last time and as on the DVD, but that was ok. Because whilst playing an acoustic set of their most famous songs Subway is simply unbeatable as a medieval-live performer.

As expected the club was only half filled, but those present were mostly die-hard fans and sang along to all songs as well as encouraging the band continuously. For example, we earned the third encore by singing "Julia und die Räuber" seven times :).


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