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Monday, May 28, 2007

Whit Sunday Rock Night vol.2 @ Abart

The second Whit Sunday Rock Night took place at the Abart yesterday and I almost missed it! Per chance I visited the Abart homepage at 5pm yesterday to get some more information about the party of the evening; only then did I discover that a concert-marathon was scheduled for the day! Ten Swiss bands, none of which I had previously known or heard of (except My Name is George, which is very present in the media lately). So this was definitely something I had to check out. Fortunately I was just in time to see the first band.

Zhivago were first on stage and they played a cool mixture of Easy Listening and Alternative (Brit) Rock. I liked their style and fought it a great opening act, a pity that not that many people saw them perform.
Next up was Rita Hey, they introduced themselves as "the contrast program", which fitted very well. They played a mixture of Folk and Country music, something I normally don't expect to hear in the Abart, but nevertheless a very nice change.
Then came Barakuda, a three-piece which played Alternative Rock. The music they played was solid, but I just couldn't get used to the vocals. Maybe I'll have to give them another chance someday.
Then came Coldeve, one of my favorite bands of the evening, even though I cannot describe their style of music. I'm looking forward to their upcoming CD-Release later this year.
Next on stage were Dave Doorslammer & The Guests, the biggest disappointment of the evening. They played only one song, which lasted twenty minutes, but reminded me very much of a Jam Session. Normally I don't like music being labeled as noise, but for this band it just fits. All they made was noise, sometimes louder, sometimes quieter.
The Sidewalkpoets were then a very nice change. They played Melodic Rock and Easy Listening and were a blessing for my tortured ears.
Poison Ivvy were by far the oldest band of the day. This didn't stop them from delivering a kick-ass show! They played good old-school Punk-Rock and they managed to grab the crowds interest very well. And I enjoyed their gig tremendously.
Next on stage were elfish. I cannot quite describe their music either, but it has a very eery quality and their first song literally went under my skin. Definitely a band to look out for!
The second to last artist on stage was J. Kriste (Master Of Disguise). His back to the basics Indie-Rock could not quite convince me. But he seems a nice enough guy full of enthusiasm; he was thrilled to play in front of 400 people.
Then it was finally time for the main act: My Name Is George. Whereas the other bands had to present their music in a fifteen minute time-slot, My Name Is George had a whole hour at their disposal. Well, they were the most famous band on stage after all. The crowd loved their Retro-Rock and even though they have some catchy tunes, I couldn't quite get into the vibe, maybe it's just been too long a day. Maybe I'll give them another chance in the near future.

What stays with me after this evening is the good feeling that there is a lot of talent present in the Swiss music scene and that there are still many great bands out there to discover. And most of the bands have already produced a CD or EP. So I ended the evening with four new CDs (Zhivago, Sidewalkpoets, elfish, Fisher). Fisher didn't play that evening, but I've seen them twice at an unplugged concert in Uster and I've thought about buying their CD for a while now :)

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