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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One (Business-)Week at the movies: Death Proof

Instead of staying all alone at home I decided to tackle my growing list of 'must-see' movies. So I ended up in the cinema Abaton yesterday to watch Death Proof. From the first minute there could be no doubt that it was a real Tarantino movie, because the first shot revealed a couple of feet on a dashboard. And there they remained for most of the intro. But feet didn't remain the only well known things from the Tarantino universe. Mentions of Big Kahuna Burger and Red Apple as well as a pussywagon sticker could be spotted throughout the movie.

The story is quite simple and inconsequential: Stuntman Mike has a Death Proof car which he likes to use to terrorize women. The movie tells two of Mike's 'adventures', whereas he 'succeeded' in the first part and walked off scott free he gets his comeuppance by the second group he chooses as victims.

As usual in Tarantino flicks there are some hilarious dialogs and a unique style. This movie is dedicated to seventies trash movies. This manifests itself in several ways throughout the film, such as in the short clips warning the audience of the mature content of the movie, terrible cuts with bits of color visible between, repeated scenes where the movie springs back half a second and an overall bad quality of the picture with lines appearing all over. But as this was surely intended it gave the movie a special feel that makes it stand apart from 'modern' flicks.

The references to Kill Bill didn't start with the Pussywaggon sticker. The scene introducing the second group of 'victims' was shot in black and white, the ringtone of one of the cell phones was Twisted Nerve (the song whistled by Elle Driver when she visited Beatrix Kiddo in the hospital), and when the color suddenly returned the car was a bright yellow.

Conclusion: A very entertaining movie even if it doesn't reach Pulp Fiction brilliance. At times one's kept at the edge of your seat, fearing for the heroines, at others one's a bit bored by its lengths. If you like Tarantino's movies you should definitely check it out. Otherwise you might still enjoy it but be warned, this is no movie for the faint of hearted.

Personal Rating: 8.5/10



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