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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Six Flags Great America

is a big amusement park one hour outside of Chicago. I spent all of Sunday there and picked the perfect day, the weather was warm and sunny and there weren't too many people, the most I waited for an attraction was 30 minutes (Normally up to 2.5 hours).

I'm still a bit flashed from the rides, they beat everything that I've seen so far in Europe. I'll quickly list my personal favorites here:
  1. Deja Vu: The craziest of all the rides including two 90 degree drops a looping and a boomerang. The name comes from the fact that you first ride forwards and then the whole way backwards again. Dizziness guaranteed :)
  2. Batman: a breathtaking ride with looping, corkscrews and fast turns.
  3. American Eagle: A huge all wood roller-coaster.
  4. Raging Bull: is similar to Europa Park's Silver Star but is twice as long!
  5. Superman: is insofar special that one is (f)lying in a horizontal position.
I ended up trying out 17 different rides for a total of 26 rounds. The downside of this fantastic day is that Europa Park and the other amusement parks in Europe are just lame in comparison... *g*

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