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Thursday, September 13, 2007

University of Illinois at Urbanna-Champaign

The main reason for my trip to the US was visiting different universities to get a feeling whether I would fit in. So I drove all the way south to Urbanna-Champaign, which wasn't covered in my US Lonely Planet (this left me quite disillusioned) to get some firsthand experience.

When I encountered a Squirrel just after arriving I thought: "How neat!" However, I soon discovered that Squirrels and Rabbits are considered a pest and after seeing the twentiest Squirrel it kind of lost it's novelty value ;). The university however was fantastic, they have over 40'000 students but it still held a lot of a small town atmosphere (Urbanna-Champaign has 100'000 inhabitants). I made the most of the two days there and met with a Professor, who then promptly invited me to attend one of his classes. In addition I took a Campus Tour and met up with a Swiss guy who finished his PhD there this last Spring.

Conclusion: I felt extremely comfortable there and attending the class had a lot of appeal. Now I'm hoping to get accepted :)

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