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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oreo Ice Cream in Central Park & Resident Evil: Extinction

On Friday, I visited Columbia University. I was very impressed by the size of their campus, especially considering that it is (almost) in the middle of New York city.
On my way to Times Square I crossed all of Central Park. I was positively surprised by the forest in the Northern parts of the park and enjoyed hiking through it. Central Park is huge and it took me almost two hours to get through, no wonder then that I got hungry in between. Since the weather was nice and very warm an ice cream seemed a good option. Spotting an Oreo Ice Cream, I didn't need to think twice what to buy ;).
Times Square was also bigger than I had thought and very confusing to boot with the many roads intersecting and crossing there. Still the commercials were a sight to behold and it was interesting to see what shows were currently playing on Broadway.
After meeting up with a former student from the ZHW who is now studying at Columbia for dinner, I decided to catch another movie.

Resident Evil: Extinction
The movie was everything I expected of it: entertaining and bloody with cool action scenes. The cinema was almost sold out and the audience participated vividly, clapping and encouraging during cool scenes. The only thing that shocked me at this movie was a 4-year old boy who was in his stroller in the aisle, accompanying his parents (the film was R-rated!).
Rating: 8.5/10

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