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Friday, September 21, 2007

Fried Oreos and the day I missed "Weird Al"

My next stop was New York, where I met an old acquaintance from my days at Swiss Re. There just happened to be a big party in Little Italy so we went there to have a look at the attractions. There were an insane amount of different food stalls, some of them even sold Fried Oreos! Loving Oreos so much, I just had to try it, and I can report, that it tastes quite strange but nice, however, the distinct Oreo taste got a bit lost in the process...
What I was also amazed about were the amount of "low carneval" attractions such as "See the Snake Woman" and "Drown the Clown", something I've never seen in Switzerland.
On my way back to the hostel I picked up "The Onion" newspaper to see what was going on in NY for the next couple of days. I almost made a back-flip when I saw that "Weird Al" would have been giving a concert this very evening!!! Well, I guess one cannot always get lucky. But that would definitely have been THE highlight of the trip... Anyways, I hope that there will be another chance to see him when I come back to the States.


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