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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New York Curtains

Saturday was my last full day in New York and so I decided to do some sightseeing.
One of the first places I visited was Ground Zero, the place where the WTC used to stay. I found it amazing that they haven't gotten any further, it looked like they only just started with the foundations for the new project.
Next up was the Statue of Liberty, seen from Manhattan only because the queue to go to the island was one hour long... It was a good decision not to join the queue, because soon afterwards it started to rain heavily. Fortunately I was in Grand Central Station at the time and could flee to the next restaurant for lunch.
At the Times Square I joined another queue, to get discounted tickets for that night's Broadway shows, it took one hour as well.
My next planned stop should have been the observation platform Empire State Building, but as usual things turned out differently, the platform was surrounded by clouds leaving a visibility of zero miles. Deciding that I could see nothing at home for free I went on ;). For the next couple of hours I walked around New York, following a walking tour described in the Lonely Planet. The point of this tour was to visit locations where scenes from famous films had been shot. I did find most of the places, but in the end this walk wasn't as spectacular as the one I did in Chicago...
Then it was time to go to my Musical.

Curtains - The Musical Comedy Whodunit
The leading lady of a Musical is murdered on opening night. This is considered a fortune by most of the other performers since 1) it gave them the possibility to return to better shows and 2) the leading lady was completely talentless and she would have ruined the whole show.
The story then unfolds backstage as an inspector joins the crew to find out who was responsible for the crime, in addition he tries to fix the problems of the show, helping it to become a real smash.
It's grand entertainment. The story presents many interesting twists and the appearances of the director always resulted in laughter. If you happen to pass through New York, go and see it!
Rating: 10/10


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