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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dreiraumkultur: Music, Art and Culture in Wohlen

A special event took place in Wohlen this weekend. Three local cultural places teamed up to present two days of Music, Art and Culture, offering concerts, art exhibitions and short movies.

Yesterday evening started with a concert by BBFrances in the Kulturbeiz. BBFrances is a Singer/Songwriter with her heart and soul. This devotion is apparent in her songs, which are sometimes sad and sometimes uplifting, but always true and honest, as well as in her manner, not put out by a missed chord or a forgotten text passage she elegantly improvises and moves on to the next part. The memorable gig ended with an improvised song about the Kulturbeiz and its customers :)

The next concert took place in the Atelier Art & Bar. The room where the concert was held was tiny and with about 50 people present quite full. But on to the gig: Arise a nuMetal band took the stage and quickly showed us what they're trade was. However, the small room took its tolls, it was extremely loud and the singer was for the most part lost in the hubbub and I couldn't understand a word he was singing. It even took me awhile to recognize the Slipknot cover they played as an encore. The highlight of this gig was the quieter songs where they included a didgeridoo.

The Atelier Art & Bar had three rooms in total and they were all adorned by art from Kathrin Giger. Her paintings were very intriguing, but had a very dark recurring theme, way too depressing to hang them up in my room.

The third concert took place in the third premise, the Plattform, which was about three times the size of the Atelier and already filled to the brim by the time we arrived. Which didn't stop more people from arriving during the concert of Just A Hype. It is impossible to describe Just a Hype's musical genre, because they play everything. The one underlying theme that I could make out was that their music was very danceable in an indie easy listening rock kind of way. The crowd at least was very pleased with them and probably asked for several encores. I, however, didn't experience them because I needed fresh air and didn't want to miss the start of the last gig of the night.

Last up were Labia in the Atelier Art & Bar. I knew from Arise, that it would be loud so I equipped myself with earplugs. Unfortunately not everyone had so much foresight and several people left early because of the sound level. But let's backtrack a bit and cover some basic ground. This gig was a special one for Labia in three ways: First it was probably the smallest location they ever played in, second it was the first gig of Mark, Labia's new bassist and third they had a new song in their repertoire.
Right from the start they proved that the change of bass was not a burden but a refreshment. Mark fit in very well, bringing new influences and nuances to well known songs, at least well known to me, this being my 31st gig :). One hit song followed another slowly building up to the new song, but we never got there, because suddenly the police arrived, reporting that a neighbor complained about the noise (it was well past midnight at that stage)... So we did not get to hear the new song, but having the gig ended by the police is something special as well, even if this was the third time that it happened in Labia's history.
What remains after the gig are two thoughts:
1. Mark is a very good addition to the band, even though he is more relaxed and reserved on stage than Armando was, it didn't stop the flow of energy reaching out from the band to the audience. I do have high expectations of the new songs that will now surely display some new influences, bringing them to another level.
2. What bothered me most was the fact that only about twenty people turned up for the last concert, admittedly it was very loud but I was expecting at least some of the guys who partied with Arise back. Where is the curiosity to get to know new bands? I'm always making it a point to see bands I don't know if I happen to be in the vicinity...

Nevertheless I enjoyed myself a lot, as can be seen in this picture (I'm the guy in the orange t-shirt *g*):

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