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Sunday, February 22, 2004

getting there

My plane left Zurich Airport at 12.15pm (CH/Time) and arrived 11 hours later in Singapore (06.15/local time). They had a really cool entertainment system on board. Movies, TV-Shows and Music on-demand. I took full advantage of that :-) and saw:
- Looney Toons: Back in Action
- The Rundown (CH-Title: Back to the Jungle)
- School of Rock
- Tais-Toi
- Runaway Jury
in between I slept about 2 hours.
In Singapore the question arose: what do I do with 5 hours spare time?
After exploring the terminal I went to the Swimming pool on the roof (Chf 10.- admission fee) to swim and read in the sun. Since I had no sunscreen I got a bit of a sunburn...
Afterwards it was jsut short 1h45min flight to Phuket. There I waited ages to get through Immigration, even my bag was at the baggage reclaim before I was :-).
I took a Minibus to Karon Beach Centre (since they had no clue where Ocean Lovers Dive Centre was). After wandering planlessly around for a couple of minutes I went into the next diveshop to ask for the way. Turned out that it was all the way on the other end of the beach next to the Dino Park (was there with my family 5 years ago), so I took a Tuk-Tuk.
After catching the last rays of sunlight I made myself ready for the evening.
First I explored the closer end of Kata Beach, before grabbing a Tuk-Tuk to Patong Beach Centre.
It took me close to 3 hours to explore the main shopping streets of Patong and I discovered that not much had changed in the last 5 years, most of the bars/shops/restaurants were still the same, however, as soon as you went farther away from the beach a lot of new developments have been added there.
Mostly I just walked past the shops because I saw nothing that I really liked. I stopped at a couple of places, which sold DVD's though... I only bought 21... they didn't have all that I wanted in stock... :-).

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