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Friday, November 21, 2003

What a Day!

In the morning I received an SMS, telling me that Trapt would play a concert (which was already sold out) as opening act for The Rasmus tonight, and I didn't have a ticket! Luckily found someone who had a spare one. After 1 hour of queuing I finally made it into the main hall, where the concert had already started. After a cool concert Trapt were giving autographs, since I was there early (The Rasmus was still playing encores), I got the chance to chat a bit with them. Because they weren't allowed to sell merchandise (I don't exactly know why), they distributed a couple of CD's, T-Shirts and Posters for free. I managed to grab a Poster and a CD and I got them both signed.
After both concerts were over there was a "100% New Rock" Party, but the blend wasn't good, way too much subwoofer and the club was half empty...

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