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Friday, February 25, 2005

Lots and lots of Diving

I was on a Liveaboard trip during the last 4 days. We did 4 dives a day! First we went up to the Similan Islands where we stayed the first two days. During the afternoon of the 2nd day we went north to Koh Bon. There we did two dives and on the first dive we saw a Manta Ray!!!! On the second dive we were waiting at the edge of the island in hope of seeing another Manta, but no luck. The third day started at Koh Tachai with an early morning dive (7am), afterwards we continued north to Richelieu Rock. The diving there was fantastic, the visibility was 40 meters and there were millions of fish around. I felt like in an Aquarium, there were fishes everywhere I looked... On the last day we returned to Koh Bon, but unfortunately no Mantas were around...
Overall it was a fantastic trip and I'm looking forwards to more diving in the next week.

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