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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Another concert

There's just no time to relax. In the Grabenhalle in St. Gallen was another great concert. Mostly Harmless opened the evening. They played a really cool set. I was headbanging so hard, that my neck started to hurt really bad. After a short break Labia came on stage. They played almost the same set as yesterday, but today they inserted a cover of "50 cent". There was a lot going on in front of the stage, it took me a while till I found myself in the front row... Labia played mostly their newer songs including my current favorites "Number 1" and "Take it". After an hour the show was over and I desperately needed something to drink and a place to relax. The last band to play this evening was Mephisto System. However, their show didn't quite convince me, everything sounded kinda similar... Anyway it was a fantastic evening... And my neck is slowly starting to recover ;-).

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