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Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Mostly Harmless Evening

Rock City Uster was once again the place to go for a cool concert. This time it was Mostly Harmless from Basel supported by Zero-Spin from Winterthur. As usual in Uster, the club was almost empty and just a couple of die-hard fans were present. It gave the whole evening a more personal touch.
First up were Zero-Spin, who replaced Trickshot on short notice. Because of an accident of their front man Trickshot missed this show. The crowd was reserved and the space in front of the stage remained empty. Until Zero-Spin played a cover of Drowning Pool's Bodies. That was my call and I gave everything. Soon I got company and the two of us were dancing for the rest of the set. They play my kind of music and I'll definitely keep an eye out for them.
After a short break the main event took place and Mostly Harmless came on stage. I was dancing from the very beginning, unfortunately I was the only one. It reminded me of the first time I saw Mostly Harmless in concert, where I ended up receiving all their CDs for my effort. Back to the present. Mostly Harmless played many songs from their latest CD Butterfly Effect and I greatly appreciated the move to harder songs mixed with slow vocals. The vocals were the weak point of the evening. Due to Alex's illness his voice wasn't as strong or pure as usual. Another side-effect was that the show was cut short by a couple of songs. Still it was a fantastic experience to dance the night away, furthermore my support was appreciated by the bands (it has to be a terrible experience to play in front of an audience, that isn't moving). I went home with two new CDs (Butterfly Effect and Zero-Spin's latest EP) and a T-Shirt, which I bought as an afterthought. Next I'll have to clear my wardrobe to find more space ;).


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