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Monday, December 10, 2007

Anstand, Ordnung, Sauberkeit - a festive buccaneer reading

After whiling away some more time at the Christmas market it was time make my way to the venerable Heinrich Budde Haus, the location of a pre-Christmas Buccaneer reading by Christian von Aster.

The event was accompanied by a fantastic buffet which was only topped by the length of the queue in front of it ;).

The reading itself featured a rough dozen new stories which sometimes had pirate or Christmas themes and so we learned how children grow up as pirates, the truth about Anstand, Ordnung, Sauberkeit, three vessels of a feared pirate, and where Santa Clause goes to perfect his 'HO HO HO'.

We also witnessed two songs from Christian's pirate CD project. However, this was a strange situation, the author sitting in front of us and all listening to a recording. Anyways, it's been an interesting sneak peek and I hope this project will see the light of day soon ^^.

All in all it was a very successful and enjoyable event, which compensated for minor technical glitches at the beginning and an overlong second part (another break in between was planned but then forgotten).

If you happen to be in Leipzig on 5th or 6th December 2008 you shouldn't miss Christian's next pre-Christmas reading!

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