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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Subway To Sally @ Palais X-tra, Zürich

After Subway to Sally's fantastic acoustic CD and tours I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Even though I wasn't too thrilled by 'Bastard' their newest Rock CD, I decided to give them a chance to present their case in a live concert.

Opening act were Coppelius. They were dressed like a chamber orchestra from the 19th century and that's also the music they played, or at least a modern version of it ;). Their gig was splendid and they even answered the audiences cry for "Da Capo" with an encore! I can highly recommend this band to anyone who likes Apocalyptica and/or Folk Rock ^^.

I won't go into too many details describing Subway to Sally's performance. You just have to go and see them for yourself ;). They do remain one of the best live bands around and even the songs I didn't connect to on the CD were splendid when performed live. In addition to songs from Bastard they also played old favourites such as 'Henkersbraut', 'Falscher Heiland', 'Kleid aus Rosen' and of course 'Julia und die Räuber'. Two hours later, when the show was over I was hoarse from screaming and singing along :). All in all a perfect evening!


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