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Monday, December 10, 2007

Leipzig, the Christmas Market and the Three Investigators

Two special events with Christian von Aster drew me to Leipzig the last weekend. But first I had a whole Friday to kill before the first event started.

Luckily, Leipzip hosted one of the biggest Christmas markets in Germany these days and so I spent most of the day there. Especially cool was a small medieval market, where excellent food and drinks (hot mead!) was served.

However, I was way too tired to walk around all day; the train ride wasn't too relaxing after all. For a break I went to watch 'The Three Investigators and the Secret of Skeleton Island' in the CineStar Cinema in the Petersbogen. I could have watched 'The Golden Compass' in German but decided to wait and watch it in its original language in Switzerland. Anyways, the movie was very entertaining even though I am not a die-hard Three Investigators fan. The story was action-packed and had enough surprising twists to keep me interested :).

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