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Friday, January 09, 2009

Pittsburgh is far away...

Thursday started under a bad omen. A slight miscalculation led me to believe I had to check in at 8am, upon reaching the airport I saw that check-in wouldn't start till 8.45am, so we basically were one hour early. Fortunately, my friend drove me to the airport and so we spent the time breakfasting and chatting.

On the plane my window-seat was already taken, but since I traveled alone I decided to be generous and take the middle aisle seat instead. The flight was longer than expected, which offered me enough time to eat, sleep, read and watch movies. I saw Death Race, an ok car action movie, and Ghost Town a cute little comedy about a dentist who started seeing ghosts.

The minute I stepped into the immigration area, I saw trouble ahead. There were thousands of people queuing and my next plane was supposed to leave within 1.5 hours. A small consolation was that I had my book out and could pass the time reading. After 1 hour and 45 minutes, in which I dropped my documents about five times trying to hold them together with my book in one hand and the board case in the other hand, I finally was officially readmitted to the US. Unfortunately, my plane was long gone by that time. I was lucky in so far that there was another scheduled flight to Pittsburgh at 10.15pm and I could take that, however, this meant killing 5 hours on Washington Airport, which I spent reading again.

The flight to Pittsburgh passed very swiftly and I slept throughout.

In Pittsburgh I had two chances to catch a bus to CMU. The first chance became possible because we landed 15 minutes early. However, waiting for my checked luggage almost took this time advantage away again. Finally, I managed to catch the earlier bus with two minutes to spare.

Back home I quickly repacked my bags for my upcoming weekend trip to Providence and finally fell asleep around 2am only to get up again at 4.25am. But more about that later...

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