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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Imax Experience

It being a rainy day yesterday, gave a good excuse to pay a visit to Boston's closest Imax, which happened to be in Reading 70 minutes away from Downtown. Having to travel so far I decided to make the best of it and watch two movies!

Under the Sea 3D

A documentary about creatures living under the water shot in dazzling 3D, giving you the feeling as if you were in the middle of the ocean almost touching the fish and reefs. Being a seasoned scuba diver myself I recognized many of the fishes and was delighted to meet cuttlefish, lion fish and the epaulette shark again, and then there were also a couple of fishes I've never seen, such as the Leafy Dragonfish, which looks a little bit like a seahorse but so much more elegant and interesting. It definitely awakened the urge in me to go scuba diving again. In short: A must-see for every scuba-diver and everyone interested in underwater creatures.

And then it was time for the main event:

Watchmen - The IMAX experience

Wow, what an experience! A fantastic story, elegantly told with flash-backs to fill in the background, stunning visuals and an apt and captivating soundtrack (like 99 Luftballons from Nena!). I wasn't familiar with the story before, having deliberately waited for the movie to read the graphic novel and so I was curious if it could live up to the high praise I've heard from all around. All I can say is, it surpassed my expectations! And seeing it on the huge IMAX screen made the story larger than life! If you have an Imax in the neighbourhood, even if it is 1 or more hours away, go and see Watchmen there, it is definitely worth the trip. But be sure to reserve your ticket if you're going on the weekend, I've heard that it is regularly sold out.

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