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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Shark Nursery of Tahanea

Our third stop was Tahanea Atoll a bit farther South-West.

Diving there we spotted many Sharks of different sizes. The highlight was when we encountered a Shark Nursery. A huge school of tiny little Grey Reef Sharks and two to three juvenile Silvertip Sharks. They were so cute!

In Tahanea we received a visit by the French Navy, who is cruising through all the Atolls, checking the boats they encounter on the way. After a quick chat they were on their way again. Maybe we'll see them again in another place.

Here we could visit one of the uninhabited islands, called Motus by the locals, where we encountered many Hermit Crabs and Sailors pyramids. Passing sailors erected small stone "pyramids" in the pass when they crossed it. We also added a couple of stones/corals.

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