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Thursday, June 30, 2005


Last Friday: This time I waited till the last lesson was over before taking the train to the next open air, the Greenfield in Interlaken. A lucky decision as it turned out... in Winterthur the weather was good when I left, on the way, around Thun, I noticed that it was wet outside, and I hadn't seen a single raindrop... In Interlaken I barely managed to get on the shuttle bus. Walking alongside the campsite to the entrance I noticed that a lot of people where hanging their things out to dry. When I arrived on the camping, Ronny told me the whole story: at around 7pm Queens of the Stone Age just entered the stage a huge storm broke loose with lots of rain, hard wind and even hail! The wind was so bad that a couple of canvas covers were blown off the main stage and everything on it got dripping wet. The concerts of Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails both had to be cancelled because their equipment was heavily damaged from the storm. At 10.45pm the show continued with Die Toten Hosen. To make up for the other two concerts they played for 2.25 hours! And I have to say, they're a great live band. The best part was when the singer crowd-surfed from the stage to the technicians tower with a bottle of beer in his hand. And then back again. Great concert! Afterwards I wanted to go to sleep, I was exhausted from the long day and week. However, the neighbours were a bit too noisy and I couldn't fall asleep...

In the morning we went back to Interlaken to eat breakfast and do some shopping. We were back on site for the first concert at noon. The first highlight was Donots followed by Fantomas and Clawfinger. During Clawfinger I was at the front in the middle of the moshpit. That was quite exhausting, but extremely satisfying. In the evening I listened to a couple of songs of Feeder before going back to the main stage to see the show of Green Day. They did quite a cool gig, played most of my favourites and played for almost 2 hours, however, towards the end they started to stretch the songs a bit too much to fool around. It was raining on and off the whole day, not much, but just enough that everything stayed wet. The neighbours made even more of a racket than the night before...

Sunday was the best day, it was sunny and hot throughout. Almost too hot. I wasn't feeling too well, probably ate something bad the day before...The day started with Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster a cool band that rocked the crowd. The first real highlight was Flogging Molly, they play "Irish Punk", however it was too hot to jump around a lot... Millencolin played a very cool set, I recognised many songs from Abart's Alternative Nation Parties. After Millencollin I again went way to the front and after waiting for a couple of minutes I could enter the space right in front of the stage. And then came the best band of the whole weekend: System of a Down. Even though I was hearing the same exact set, it was fantastic and I jumped around quite a bit :-) Especially cool was that they changed some of their older songs and that they played many songs back to back with great transitions. It was their last show in Europe and at the end they started to goof around a bit. The bassist wore a blonde wig and they chased one of the roadies around the stage.

It was definitely worth going.And our neighbours had left throughout the day, so I even got a “quiet” night.

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