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Monday, March 03, 2008

Rabenschrey & Des Königs Halunken @ Werk21

Last Saturday should have been a big day for Des Königs Halunken, the release party for their first CD. Unfortunately, technical difficulties delayed the CD and so instead of the release party a regular concert took place.

Opening for the Halunken were Rabenschrey, a German Pagan Folk Rock band. Their hilarious texts and catchy tunes invited to dance, jump and sing-a-long and that's what we did extensively :). Rabenschrey also put a lot of emphasis on interaction with the audience with chants and shouting competitions, which enhanced the good-time-feeling I had. After 100 minutes they almost had to be dragged from the stage to make room for Des Königs Halunken, but they promised to soon return to Switzerland.

And then finally Des Königs Halunken took the stage. They played a well balanced set alternating medieval acoustic songs with rock songs which was greatly appreciated by the audience. The atmosphere was so charged and hot that many fans ended up dancing without their t-shirts. Two other things made this gig special, first the replacement of the Halunken's bagpipe player Graf Gilbert and second the mix which enabled the didgeridoo to be clearly audible above the other instruments, which I greatly appreciated as it gave the songs an eery quality. After 90 minutes and an encore the Halunken left the stage for their well-deserved rest. They did a great job and it there was a world of difference to their last gig in Thun (late last December). And so I'm eagerly awaiting their next appearance and of course the release of their first CD!

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