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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Riedhburg XV

Over this weekend the 15th Riedhburg play took place. It's title was "Mit Schirm, Charme und Kanone"; this is a play on words on the German title of the 60s tv series called The Avengers.

The background for this play was an upcoming market in Flussau with traders coming from all over Riedhburg and even foreign countries. On their way to Flussau some of the travelers stopped at Lord Mayor Schinkenlicht's house.

There were several storylines present and as an NPC (None Player Character) I learned about most of them.

a) Remnants of Kunibolds Gerechte Bande (Kunibolds Righteous Gang) were nearby and trying to find assistance to free their leader.

b) A group of powerful wizards were situated close-by and they tried to blackmail the guests for food and other useful items. (I played on of the wizards)

c) Frederick the Veteran had a canon safely tucked away in the neighborhood and was willing to use it if the country was in danger. To use his canon, however, he first needed to get hold of shooting powder.

d) Traders from Hornstein arrived who were hoping to recruit people to help stop the civil war waging in their home country.

e) A government spy was present trying to discover citizens participating in illegal actions.

f) and much more...

All in all we had a very busy weekend and a lot of fun.

As usual pictures can be found in my gallery.

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