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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sun Certified Web Component Developer

A year after completing the Sun Certified Java Programmer Certification I felt ready to tackle the next certification.

The Sun Certified Web Component Developer focuses on Web Development, obviously ;), with Servlets, Java Server Pages (including Tag Libraries, Scripting and Expression Language) as well as a couple of Design patterns.

After working in a Swisscom project for a year where we used JSPs and Expression language I thought, it would be easy to prepare for this exam, however, there was so much I didn't know yet, especially everything concerning Custom and Simple Tag Development. And so I've been studying since January till I finally felt ready to try the exam.

And yesterday was the day. Overall I was well prepared and I could answer most of the questions easily, still there were a couple of tough questions asking details I've never heard of such as the DynamicAttributes interface for Tags. Since the passing grade was 70% these questions didn't pose a serious problem. And so I now can add another title to my CV ^^.

Now I'm done studying for a couple of months :)

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