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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Daylight Saving Time Conspiracy

Yesterday evening I became a victim of the Daylight Saving Time. I was at a concert in St. Gallen and, as one does, had a printout with my train connections along. The most sensible connection, due to an overlong concert, but I'll blog about that later, seemed the 2.27am train. I left the concert on time, even though the last band was still playing, around 2.10am. However, when I arrived at the train station the clock showed 3.15am and a quick check of the next departures confirmed my first thought: My train was canceled due to the Daylight Saving Time!
"Fortunately" the first train left St. Gallen at 4.32am in the direction of Zurich and so I was home by 7am, two hours later than expected...
Did you have similar experiences? Maybe we should form a resistance against the Daylight Saving Time, because it causes more trouble than it brings merit...


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