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Monday, March 17, 2008

Sinfath Larp 1 - The Engagement

Lord Victor invited us to his engagement party and so Rina, Moya and Rakar traveled to the Schattenbachtal (Shadowcreekvalley). However, since the valley is well hidden we were in need of a guide to find our way. Fortunately, Lord Alfons and a guide were waiting for us to lead the way.

But then disaster struck. We were waylaid by a Zombie, who turned out to be Lord Heinrich, and a necromancer. They accused Lord Alfons of stealing another's estates and quickly slayed him. We made a hasty retreat and were lucky enough to encounter a house, where we were offered a shelter.

However, the shelter wasn't as save as we hoped as we were visited by Bandits as well as hordes of zombies. And our benefactor, Lord Sigmund, seemed to know more about the Undead than he led us to believe.

Looking for clues to lay the Undead to rest we ventured deep into the forest, turned our lodging inside out and talked with both the necromancer and Lord Heinrich. And so we discovered the shocking truth: Sigmund raised Lord Heinrich from the dead to get rid of Lord Alfons and claim his lands. A trial found him guilty and so he was locked in the cellar until his deportation to the imperators courts.

In the meanwhile we discovered rituals that would neutralize the necromancer and destroy the Undead once and for all. And even though many were skeptical we succeeded and after a final and spectacular battle put an end to the Undead menace.

Pictures can be found here.

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