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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Irish & Celtic Night @ Grabenhalle St. Gallen

I'm a big fan of An Lár and Irish Folk in general, so I just had to go to St. Gallen and be part of the Irish & Celtic Folk Night.

Opening the evening were The Vad Vuc, a Skaountry & Irish Folk band from the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. They even had a dedicated group of fans along, who danced along right from the start. But these guys were by now way alone, after half an hour the place was packed and space for dancing was getting restricted. Fortunately, the Ska elements of The Vad Vuc's tunes generated a small moshpit and so we soon had space enough :).
The Vad Vuc played for over an hour and I would have gladly listened longer, but there were two more bands on the bill and after dancing for the whole time, I could use a break.

Next up were An Lár, the reason why I decided to come to this concert. Their show was fantastic, they played all my favorite songs and they even managed to hush the crowd so that David, the vocalist, could sing a sad song without a mike. Their performance also lasted longer than an hour and again, we were only willing to let them depart because another band was waiting in the wings.

The final band to take to the stage were Red Shamrock, a Celtic Folk band from the Aargau, who played very melodic songs full of the atmosphere of Scotland and Ireland. Their set lasted the longest, this time there was no other band waiting, and so I had to leave after 80 minutes to catch my train (which was canceled as I discovered at the railway station, see The Daylight Saving Time Conspiracy) and when I returned 15 minutes later they were still playing encores! All in all they were on stage for 100 minutes!

After the last concert the evening continued with an Irish Folk party, and I have to congratulate the DJs, they had a perfect nose for danceable songs and so I was dancing the night away until my first train left at 4.30am.

On the way to the train station I raided the merchandise stand and left with five CDs (two each of The Vad Vuc & Red Shamrock, and one of An Lár) ^^.

So, all in all, I had a terrific time! :)

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