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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Vogelfrei Larp 1 - The journey begins

The first LARP of RSV Wasserschloss took place this weekend. The play was meant to introduce newbies to the wonderful world of Live Action Roleplays and so the Oriosen, my LARP group, were asked to step in as experienced LARPers and help the others along in case they needed any pointers.

The story is quickly told. We were part of a caravan on its way to the next big city to restock its supplies. Since the caravan leader received an urgent letter from a friend, we undertook a small detour. On this journey we had to face crazy hermits, a corrupt tollbooth, a group of bandits and finally an evil necromancer who wanted an artifact we were transporting. After the necromancer's defeat we all retreated to our camp and celebrated our success with a big party, unfortunately Saint Peter had other plans and a heavy downpour made us return to our tents prematurely. In all the hubbub of the final battle and the return to the camp I completely lost track of the artifact, lets hope it's in the right hands...

The pictures can be found here.

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