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Monday, July 07, 2008

Des Koenigs Halunken in Huttwil

Last Saturday I visited the historical craftsmen fair in Huttwil. Surrounding the Spycher Handicraft area several dozens artisans showed how their trade was carried out in medieval times. Additional highlights were sword fight demonstrations by Freywild, a storyteller and acoustic sets by Des Koenigs Halunken.
Some beautiful impressions of the market can be found here. I mainly took pictures of Des Koenigs Halunken, which can be found in my gallery.

The evening belonged completely to Des Koenigs Halunken. After their acoustic sets in the afternoon they demonstrated that they were also masters of medieval rock, playing a concert in the Improvisorium in Huttwil. The place was crowded which worsened the stifling air and heat in the small room. But this didn't stop Des Koenigs Halunken and their fans from celebrating an ecstatic party. During one hour and forty-five minutes the Halunken played all songs from their newly released CD "Spieglein, Spieglein" plus another dozen, which will hopefully find their way onto another CD ;), and thus made for a perfect end of a perfect day :).

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