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Sunday, June 15, 2008

30'000 Songs Scrobbled since 22nd September 2006

It's been a while since I last posted about my number of scrobbled songs.

But since I arrived at 30'000 songs and seems to have a hiccup, hiding my list of milestone songs from my journal page, I figured I could keep a backup on my blog ;)

So here goes:
  • Song 30'000: Travelling by Marylane (on June 6.)
  • Song 29'000: What Are You Waiting For? by Coldeve (on May 9.)
  • Song 28'000: Forever And A Day by An Lár (on April 12.)
  • Song 27'000: Vondern in Not by Duivelspack (on March 19.)
  • Song 26'000: The Encounter by Tan Dun (on March 2.)
  • Song 25'000: Sabrina by elfish (on February 7.)
  • Song 24'000: The Only Living Boy in New York by Simon & Garfunkel (on January 15.)
  • Song 23'000: Man on the Moon by R.E.M. (on December 21.)
  • Song 22'222: Saving Us by Serj Tankian (on December 4.)
  • Song 22'000: Mad World by Gary Jules (on November 30.)
  • Song 21'000: The Tide Turns (Suite) by Danny Elfman
  • Song 20'000: Der Schneck by Die Streuner
  • Song 19'000: This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm on This Song by System of a Down
  • Song 18'000: Amerika Git's Nid by Züri West
  • Song 17'000: Off To California, The Silver Spire by Rapalje
  • Song 16'000: The Waiting Room by Sixpence None the Richer
  • Song 15'000: Dead Already by Thomas Newman
  • Song 14'000: i can't stand many things by grandmother's groove
  • Song 13'000: Hide me by Coldeve
  • Song 12'000: Herr Mannelig by In Extremo
  • Song 11'111: Without a Trace by Labia
  • Song 11'000: Kinky Kamikaze by P.M.T
  • Song 10'000: Bohemian Polka by "Weird Al" Yankovic
  • Song 9'000: Afrikaan Beat by Bert Kaempfert
  • Song 8'000: Plan B by Henchman
  • Song 7'000: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by Marilyn Manson

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  • Ha ;) nur no ca 100 vor mir, s'letsch mal bisch no 1'000 vor mir gsi.

    By Blogger Silver, at 1:09 PM  

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