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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Vad Vuc & Modena City Ramblers @ Gaswerk Winterthur

It was pure chance that I heard about this concert. Out of boredom, I was waiting for the server to start up, I visited the homepage of The Vad Vuc and there I saw that they would play a gig in Winterthur on the same day! Since I was in Winterthur anyway to play Squash with a friend, it was clear I just had to extend my stay and visit the concert, after all The Vad Vuc have become one of my favorite bands and I'm constantly listening to their songs :)

The Vad Vuc were the opening act of the evening and this time I was dancing, jumping and singing along right from the start. At first there was enough space, but soon the place started to fill up and so the space to dance became quite limited. This was a nice contrast to the last concert I visited where I was almost alone. The Vad Vuc played a terrific set which featured all my favorite songs and after one hour and an encore I was secretly glad that the concert was over, because I was completely exhausted.

After a short break where I relaxed and gathered my remaining strenght the Modena City Ramblers (MCR), the main act of the evening, took the stage. They come from Italy and play "Italian Combat Folk for the masses", this sounded pretty intriguing and I was curious how I would react to their music. The first thing that became obvious was the size of the band, I counted eight people on stage which was sometimes extended to nine musicians. An other thing that intrigued me were the wide variety of instruments they used in their songs, standard drums and electric guitars were accompanied by tin whistle, mandolin, saxophone and much more. However, even though they had a couple of catchy songs, overall I felt there was something missing. Compared to The Vad Vuc who play very powerful and catchy tunes, most of the songs of MCR were lacking just this power. And whereas it never bothered me that The Vad Vuc sang Italian, I noticed this much more with MCR, where the singers received a much heavier focus. In short the "Combat" from the "Italian Combat Folk" was missing ;)
After one hour I left the concert to catch the last train, after all I had to be fit for today's relay race.

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