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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Coldeve @ Culture Club

A year after I first heard of Coldeve at the Whit Sunday Rock festival in the abart I finally managed to catch up with them again.

The gig took place in the Culture Club in Schwerzenbach. I found the location without problem, but standing in front of the door I stopped for a moment to study the half-dozen signs which proclaimed it a private club. Yet the door was opened for me and so I stepped inside. Once I saw the stage and the party area the whole place started to ring a bell. After a moment the penny dropped. I had been here before at a Labia concert four or five years ago when the club was still called 2nd Floor.

After a while Coldeve took the stage to play the most exclusive concert I have ever personally witnessed. I'm used to small concerts with few guest, but the four people (including me) that turned up to see this show was definitely a new record. And yet the band took this in their stride and played as if the place was filled to the brim ^^. At first I needed to get used to their new style, I'm used to their old CD which features a Cello but no keyboard or synthesizer. And even though I'm normally quite skeptical to bands which use synthesizers, Coldeve's music was so inspirational that by the second song I was completely lost and had a terrific time dancing to their songs. There was another reason which made this concert special as well: Coldeve played without a song-list and so either one of the band members mentioned a title or he would just start playing and the others would tune in. This worked so well I wouldn't have noticed it, if they hadn't confessed to this experiment after the gig. 50 minutes later everyone was so exhausted, it was quite hot in the club, that the concert just had to end. And so I'm looking forward to their next gig at the Vorstadt Sounds festival.

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