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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Geocaching in Quito

On my way from Honduras to Galapagos I had to stop over in Quito. The first day I dedicated to Geocaching because I discovered that Quito has a big park which is chock full of Caches.

Equipped with a map I made my way to the park using the public bus, my feet and my sense of direction. And even though I didn't exactly know where the entry to the park was (it is a big park after all and there is only one main entrance), I did find it after only a short detour.

Very close to the entrance I found the first Cache of the day (Brandon's TB Boarding House) where I dropped off the Travel Bug I had with me from Roatan. From there on the afternoon progressed smoothly, I always checked which Cache was closest to my location and after hiking for 300 to 1'100 metres along big and small trails as well as cross country, I was able to log another Cache.

Most of the Caches were very easy to find, only two gave me trouble. The first Cache where I had to look for a bit longer was Adkins Diet, there I circled the target area three times before I spotted something which didn't belong there. Metro Park SE was even tougher. I was poking around the undergrowth for a long time and didn't find anything. I already gave up and decided to take a short break before heading to the next Cache, when I spotted an opening which looked suspicious and indeed, there it was :).

After three hours of hiking and caching I logged my 11th Cache for the day and decided to head back. Noteworthy is, that I found all 11 Caches I set out to find, I've never had such a good success rate!

So if you find yourself in Quito and have half a day to spare: Take your GPS along and go Caching! It was a truly great experience hiking through this nice park :)

If you are interested here is the order I did the Caches:
  1. Brandon's TB Boarding House (GC1K4MD)
  2. Karen's Caper (GC182AC)
  3. Hole in the Wall (GC238MC)
  4. Adkins Diet (GC2C32F)
  5. El Memoria de Giovanni (GC18HYC)
  6. Metro Park SE (GC15JCC)
  7. Log Man (GC2MHQ7)
  8. Picadillo (GC2B17C)
  9. Support Power (GC2QCN3)
  10. Ropa Vieja (GC1Y8HP)
  11. Cuy (GC2MHJY)
My second day in Quito I spent visiting the old town, looking at the old houses, the churches and climbing all the way up to the Monumento a la Virgen de Quito. It just so happened that this day a Down Hill (Bicycle) Race took place from the Monument all the way down, so I spent my hike uphill observing the race and I can tell you this was a breathtaking course with hundreds of steps.

You can find some pictures of Quito in my web album.

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