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Monday, June 27, 2011

Spaktekel Medieval Festival 2011

Three years ago was the last time I attended the Spaktekel. So I was surprised to learn that this year it would take place in on a Castle in Grisons. Fortunately it was very easy to get there by public transport.

We arrived at 5pm, just after a heavy rainstorm blew over. So it was markedly cooler than we expected, after all it was supposed to be sunny and warm!

The first band to play after our arrival was Seabass a Swiss band playing "Balkan beats 'n Melodies". Their music was catchy and encouraged us to dance along.

Next were Cumulo Nimbus a Renaissance Metal Band from Germany. Even though their music sounded cool, I couldn't warm to the vocalists and so I wasn't too disappointed when their show was over.

What then followed was an impromptu acoustic concert by members of Des Königs Halunken and other musicians. And it was fantastic. The guys had never played in that combination before and even exchanged instruments between songs, nevertheless it sounded very professional :).

And then it was finally time for the highlight of the day, Des Königs Halunken played their 5-year anniversary concert. Exactly 5 years and one day ago they played their first gig at the Spaktekel. To celebrate this they vowed to make all their speeches in Swiss German, in addition they regularly toasted to the audience with Vodka and other liquors, which definitely didn't make it easier for them to play! Thus it wasn't surprising that fun was the first priority and fun we all had. As a special present to the constant fans the Halunken played "Herr Mannelig", one of their oldest songs, which no longer features in their regular program. After two hours the show was over and everyone was relieved to get a break ;).

With a nice fireshow the evening ended.

Overall, the Spaktekel was a great success despite the mixed weather. I'll definitely consider returning next year :)

My pictures can be found in my web album.

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